Friday, January 14, 2011

Bipolar post.

I just got word that the TEAS exam I busted my ass for last spring won't count for the TEAS requirement for the nursing program I just applied to. I have to take a newer version by February 1. Had I not inquired about this last fall, I'd smack myself, but I did and specifically asked if they would accept those scores, and they never told me they wouldn't. I am beyond frustrated with all the effing obstacles I've encountered on my pursuit to get into nursing school.

I'm asking this seriously, who can help me get a job in either Florida, Hawaii, or California? If things don't pan out with this program, I'll be moving to one of the aforementioned states and working for a while & trying to figure out my life. I can't keep doing what I've been doing for over a year and a half with no results.

In good news, I'm leaving in a hour to pick up my best friend from the airport. I haven't seen her since October 2009 and I'm so excited I could pee my pants. I threw a pack of Depends in the car. A group of us are renting a hotel downtown tonight, going out to dinner, and drinks & dancing after. "Demi" most certainly will make an appearance. If it weren't for all of this, I'd likely sit in my room crying all day.

Operation find Marianne a job begins... NOW! Registered & Protected


Big Fat Gini said...

I think you should take this time to enjoy your visit with good friends, take the weekend off and refocus on Monday. You deserve the break.

Hang in there, friend!

(and if it makes you feel better, Blogger has just come up with a sweet way to spell the word afro: APHRO)

Anne said...

Oh no! Crap. That sucks huge time. So sorry :-( I can help you find a job in Minnesota at the world-famous Mayo Clinic if you want!! We have the best nursing program in the country here!! C'mon, you know you wanna :-)

denise said...

:( that really sucks. These obstacles will make you stronger later..but for now, it just sucks. I agree with above comments, enjoy your fun weekend, don't think too much about this and refocus next week. Unfortunately I can't help in the job serach in those states...although I am tempted to move myself & finding new jobs is time consuming.

Katherine said...

I hate that for you. Not cool at all. Wish I knew of a job, but I don't, especially not in the areas you're looking at.

Good luck! :)

Pam said...

The politics of nursing school can drive a bitch crazy. Take me for instance. Why did you totally disregard NC as a possible move to destination? Damn it Marianne!

Nathan said...

I haven't read your blog forever, I suck. If I am fortunate enough to move to LA, I would for sure help you find a job. If the next two months go well, Jess will need help at Mishhief.

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