Monday, January 3, 2011

I guess I should write something, huh?

I've been so horrible about blogging lately, as I'm sure you've noticed (or not, I highly doubt you sit at your computer hitting refresh 100 times a day praying to the Good Lord that I've thrown up some fantastically crappy post. Or maybe you do. Creepy). I haven't written much, read much, commented much, or replied to comments much. I really have no reason, either, I've just not been feeling it, I suppose. I've kind of gotten to the point where I'm like, "honestly, do people really care about what I say?" Sure, I could tell you about my nights out with my girlfriends, but first of all, it'd be the cliffsnotes version without all the awesome details because I cannot out my girls like that, and second of all, do you really care?

Is any of this even making sense?

I know I say I blog for me, and I do, but I also know people read what I write, and if I'm going to have an audience, I'd rather them be entertained, and if I think what I'm going to write could potentially be boring, then why write, and then I get to the point where I find everything to be boring, so I don't write, and here I am, neglecting my blog, and only popping in to write a bunch of jibber jabber and quite possibly not make any sense.

If you've ever wondered my thought processes, there you have it.

Anyramble. I guess I'll just write, and if people think I turned into Sucky McSuckerson, so be it.

One of my dearest friends moved home from Maryland and has single handedly revived my social life. Tell me that's not impressive? Thursday night a few of us girls went out for a night on the town. The entire night was hilarious, and even more hilarious as we rehashed the events all day Friday & Saturday. I'm still trying to figure out A. how I was not dying & not hungover for longer than 30 minutes on Friday and B. how I remember everything from Thursday night. Holy tequila. And vodka. And some delicious concoction called a "lunch box." Friday I sent a text to my friend, which then turned into a facebook status, which read: "I'm pretty sure I was in my own world on the dance floor last night. And I introduced myself to some guy as 'Demi'." Demi is my new alter-ego. She's a bit crazy.

Betti, Kiki, Me.
No, those aren't their real names. Aren't they so gorgeous? Pretty people make me smile, so no wonder I keep them around ;)
I almost cropped myself out because I hate how I look, but I don't plan on looking this way much longer, so consider this the "before Marianne returned to sexy" picture.
And yes, we're all really that tall.

It has felt really good to have interactions with people my age again. Truth be told, I've gone out more in the past month than I did in at least the last 6 combined. It's been really, really nice to feel like a 23 year old and realize how desperately I really do need my friends. They make me let loose and have fun and be a little more carefree, and Lord knows I need to let loose and have fun and be carefree. This girl is wound up tighter than a drum, most days.

On Saturday we started a new New Year's Day tradition where K, B, & I plan on going to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and champagne and then out on the town. I've mentioned before how much I struggled to make good friends my entire life and I am so fortunate to have had these girls (& Cary!) by my side for the past 5 years. We may have our differences, and sometimes annoy each other or tick each other off or go awhile without seeing/talking to each other, but there will never be anything but love between all of us.

Besides, we have too much dirt on each other to step out of line ;)

Girls, if you're reading this, I love you! Even if we do unintentionally get separated from each other after 1 too many drinks ;) Thanks for making me a better version of myself and for accepting me and my crazy ways as the way I am.

**I had no clue what this post was going to be about, but I kind of love it. I guess I need to stop putting so much thought into what I'm going to write and just write.** Registered & Protected


Pam said...

I love your blog postings! I feel the same way sometimes. I find myself posting for others instead of what I had intended in the beginning. No one wants to read another boring mommy blog though. Any-whore, sorry. I got off track again. Intitally I wanted this comment to be about how much I adore your new name, Demi. I think you should pronounce it, "De-May." Hell, you could even spell it like that.

WV: ressnes (love it, but jeetsac is still the king)

Gucci Mama said...

I hit refresh on your blog a hundred times a day at least. I rock the creep factor.

You are totally sexy, so. Shutty.

teacher girl said...

"honestly, do people really care about what I say?


You are hilarious! Glad you have a wonderful social life--something I still lack. NYE sounds great!!! :o) I LOVE fun traditions with friends. Yay for a fun new year with lots of fun times!

Sailor Bride said...

If you ever get doubts again, know there is a navy wife in California who depends on your antics to make her laugh. Because seriously, I literally laughed out load. none of that lol rofl crap- audible laughter. And then it got better as I read :) Sounds like you had an amazing times with fabulous friends! Thank you for coming back and sharing it with us. Blog for you, and I promise, we will find it entertaining enough :)

Anne said...

I totally get your blogging thought process because it's mine, too. But that was the downward spiral that led All of the Above to self-implode in my mind. SO, my friend, you need to know that you should keep blogging because you love it and WE love it! BTW, you and your friends are gorgeous!!!

denise said...

I DID notice you have been MIA, but I am no stalker (yet). I know all about feeling down but having those great friends getting you out of the house should help!

I didn't start my blog to complain to the world of my unhappiness but there are times things like that are the only thing on my mind. I stare at the computer thinking what do my 11 followers want to hear? But then I can't think of anything, and I treat my blog like a diary...which isn't bad (But may explain the few followers) but I don't care, I feel better after. So don't worry about us followers and what we want to read. People will or won't read what they like and it really doesn't matter!
But, a heads up, I do read each & every one of your posts regardless I don't always comment (many times I am not in the mood).

Wow "Bettie" is tall!

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