Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update on Question for Certain Anonymous Reader:

Remember when I put myself out there for a reader from "Police Athletic League of Jacksonville" in the hopes that said reader was a single, tall male between the ages of 24 and 33?

Well, I received an email from the reader a few weeks ago and here is what was said:


Sorry to disappoint but I'm actually a girl, 4'10", 21 years old and a grant writer. But I am outgoing and single! haha :) Recently, I stumbled upon your blog and I added it to my list of favorites. I decided to catch up on some blog reading today and came across your post about me. I about died laughing at my desk. Sadly, all the cops I work with are men above the age of 45. Trust me, I wish there were some hot young officers up in this place! :) Thanks for posting about me, it made a rough day a little brighter!

Katie {unfortunately not a 6 foot, extremely attractive man in uniform}

Well, damn. I knew it couldn't be that easy.

But, good news, all of you can continue on the quest to find me a man- which I know is your lifelong goal and dream. Yay! Keep me posted ;)

*ps, hi katie!*
*pps, C. Brooks, are you still out there? Your blog is MIA and I miss you!*

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Big Fat Gini said...

Oh, thank GOD I can continue on my search of eligible young bachelors who may be the perfect fit for a fickle white woman.

Um. Wait. What were the qualifications again? I know "not homeless" was near the top. Everyone else I know is like, over 30, except for my brother and trust me...no, just no.


Minadr, honestly?

Jenn said...

That's funny! I'm glad you solved the mystery though! :)

Rosh said...

Too cute that Katie replied!

The one friend I know who would fit your criteria is just as bad as A and I cannot subject you to that. =)

Melissa said...

That's pretty amusing stuff!

Jess said...

I love this, lol.

Remember the conversation that we were going to have regarding a certain 6'1" male not in uniform? Well, we now have more to discuss.

Pennie said...

That's hilarious! Can you imagine reading the post and realize it was about YOU????


I'm still laughing...

denise said...

I was wondering what ever happened with that. I am glad Katie responded and was cool about it! My cousin is single & gentlemanly...but lives in NY...and I didn't think about that when you were in town. But you might be taller than him - some ladies have that height criteria. *ps to other readers...I am looking too! (but at least we aren't in direct competition b/c of our ages)

Katherine said...

Haha! Well, if it had to go in the opposite direction, better it be a woman than a 4'11" man that weighs 180 lbs and starts cyber-hitting on you, right?

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