Thursday, November 18, 2010

New York City: Part 2

For part 1, go here. Or scroll down, because it's not like I've written a billion posts in between part 1 and now.

Saturday morning we slept in until 10ish and awoke to a beautiful day: sunny and in the 50s! Considering it was snowing at home, I was happy. We finally headed out around noon and went straight to the box office to purchase tickets for a Broadway show. I've seen countless Broadway shows (2 actually on Broadway when I was there 5 years ago, several that have come to Indy/Chicago) and was SHOCKED when Rosh told me she had never seen any (except for RENT, but that was in her hometown). She's been to NYC hundreds of times and never seen a show! It was a must and she was excited about it. Since it was her first time experiencing that, I let her choose which show we saw. Her pick?

Promises, Promises with Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth

thank you google images for letting me borrow this pic.

The show wasn't until 2, so after we picked up our tickets we headed to lunch at a little restaurant called Angelo's, where we split a margherita pizza. I don't know if you guys know about the long standing war between Chicago and NYC for who has the best pizza, but it's a big deal. Chicago is all about the deep dish vs. thin, crispy crust of NYC. Honestly, I don't even know how this is a competition, as they are polar opposites, but that's neither her nor there. Anyway, all this to say, NYC has the best pizza. Coal oven baked, crispy and ever so slightly burnt, super thing crust and little sauce, ooey, gooey cheese. Angelo's pizza wasn't anything extraordinary, but it sure as shit beat Pizza Hut. And deep dish.

By time we finished lunch, it was time to head to the show. We bought student tickets so our seats were basically at the top, but the theater was small enough that it didn't matter. Sean Hayes (Jack, from Will & Grace) was absolutely hilarious. He was playing a straight guy, but a lot of his Jack character came out (which probably means Jack isn't too far off from Sean's true self) and it had me in stitches. When I wasn't sleeping, that is.

Y'all how embarrassing is that? I literally COULD NOT keep my eyes open. I had the head bob goin' and everything. I may have even done that body jerk that sometimes happens when you're about to fall into a deep sleep. The poor people around me were probably getting so annoyed with my failed efforts to stay awake by switching position every 5 seconds. The show wasn't bad, I was just THAT tired.

It was an OK production, not my favorite, but it wasn't a waste of money either. And I'm glad Rosh finally got to experience Broadway on Broadway, so it could have been terrible and I still would have been happy. Oh, no pics from inside the theater, the workers were nutty about not taking pics. They probably would have cut my arm off if I had tried.

After the show we headed Uptown to Central Park and 5th Ave. And here is where I'm going to sound uber snotty and pretentious and not give a hoot. I LOVE this area of the city. It's so posh and chic and people there look important. The stores are upscale, the restaurants are upscale, the architecture is some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. The building fronts are exactly how I picture NYC, with super's and awning's with the addresses, and fluffy white poodles standing next to their beautifully adorned owners. The area just exudes excessive wealth and I can't help but wonder what it's like to live that kind of lifestyle.

OK, fine, I didn't see fluffy white poodles, but I'm sure they were there somewhere.

See? Pretty building on 5th Ave.

Unfortunately, by the time we got to Central Park, the sun had disappeared and ugly skies rolled in. We walked a ways through the Park, but didn't stop to take pictures or anything. I was SO disappointed-- all the trees were still green! What a rip off-- it's freakin' fall, almost winter, get with the program and change colors already, sheesh. We came out of the park on 5th Ave (I think? Maybe? Shoot, for all I know, 5th Ave. doesn't even sit next to Central Park) and started heading down town, to Midtown.

But first, we needed a bathroom break. So, I'm pretty ballsy about things and was all like, "Rosh, let's find a hotel and use the restroom." Mind you, Central Park was right there, we had public restrooms galore, but that just wouldn't work for me. And leave it to me to pick the freakin' most expensive hotel (well, probably tied with The Plaza) I've ever seen in my life to use as a pit stop- literally. We marched past the doorman pretending like we belonged there and I'm fairly certain we both stopped and dropped our jaws the moment we stepped out of that revolving door. I kind of didn't want to leave.

View of Empire State Building while walking Downtown on 5th Ave.

However, time most go on, so once we did our thing and then spied on a wedding party at the adjoining restaurant, we headed on our way. We really didn't do anything exciting besides walk take a stroll back down to our hotel. We did stop in St. Patrick's Cathedral since Rosh had never been in and I am in love with the church and secretly hope to marry there someday. Otherwise, nothing to report that any of you would care about. Except, if you want to send me a Christmas gift, feel free to send me a bag of the dark chocolate peppermint truffles from Lindt that we were lucky enough to sample.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Architecture inside St. Patrick's Cathedral. Mass may or may not have been going on while I took this, which is probably sacrilegious, or something. Good think I'm Catholic ;)

By the time we got back to our hotel, it was 630 or so. We decided to relax for a bit and attempt to figure out somewhere to go for dinner. My stomach was still upset, so we wanted something light, but were having trouble finding the perfect solution. We ended up just eating at one of the restaurants in the hotel and then headed upstairs for a drink. And what was upstairs, you may ask? Why, The View, of course.

The View is a rotating restaurant on the 48th floor of the Marriott Marquis that gives you 360* views of NYC and NJ. My friend Denise suggested going here but she couldn't remember what hotel it was in. We were so excited when we realized we didn't even have to leave ours to see it! We headed up there for a drink and soaked up the views. It was absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad we decided to check it out (it's pricey. To say the least).

View from 'The View.'

Chrysler Building. My favorite building ever in terms of architecture.

Around 1030, we headed back to our room and claimed we weren't very tired but wanted to just relax. By 1115, we were passed out.

Sunday we woke up around 9, left around 11, and by 1150 I was at my gate in the airport.

I'm sure the trip doesn't sound like anything overly awesome to some of you, but we really had a great time. We laughed a lot, had great conversation, and enjoyed each other's company. It really, truly was a wonderful escape that wasn't long enough. I know we both needed a break from life and home and I think it was the perfect answer. The only thing that could have made it better was if Tavern on the Green was still open. I really think the start of a great friendship was formed. In fact, we're already planning our next getaway!

If you want to read Rosh's recap, go here.

*Except for the 'Promises, Promises' pic, all photos were taken by me. NYC, Nov 2010.* Registered & Protected


♥ Elizabeth said...

I think it sounds ABSOLUTELY amazing! I love NYC and agree with the snotty you about 5th avenue... and I'm sure the poodles were just lurking in the corners somewhere. It's just so lush!

It sounds like you had such a great time... you had me in stitches about the pizza... thin is definitely the way to go and nothing beats New York when it comes to pizza!

Rosh said...

A few of my A&P classmates and I are pulling an all night cram session and I obviously needed a break. =) One of them read the first line of your post over my shoulder and asked: Who goes to NYC and sleeps until 10am without partying late the night before?

Hahaha - pre-nursing students with insanely full work/school/general life schedules, that's who!

Seriously, there must have been something in that pizza we ate because I am sure I nodded off a few times as well. I agree that the show was not anything spectacular but it was still fun.

Love how the pic of The Plaza turned out!

Just saw the post title you were talking about in your archives - too funny!

Jess said...

I don't think people realize just how tiring the city is, lol. I, too, have nodded off during Broadway productions, lol.

That stinks that it wasn't the greatest play....... however, just to be in the same room with Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth I'd settle for a reading of the phone book.

Still so jealous. I miss that city like something crazy. The last time I went was almost three years ago.

It makes me mad/sad that Tavern on the Green is closed. The one and only time I ever ate there was the last time I went in 2008.

The one and only time I ever ate on Windows on the World (World Trade Center) was Thanksgiving Day 2000. Horrifically, by the next Thanksgiving, it no longer existed.

Katherine said...

I think it sounds like an amazing trip. I've always wanted to go to NYC. Someday I will....until then, I'll live vicariously through your trip!

Big Fat Gini said...

Wow! Amazing!

I love Kristin Chenowith. Especially when she was on Pushing Daisies. I'm totally jealous you got to see her.

I'm also a big fan of Lindt truffles. But the peppermint are by far my favorites.

I have never been to NYC and now I'm seriously depressed because I need to be there. ;O)

Today, we've got spidersc. Better?

Pam said...

The pics are awesome Marianne!

purplume said...

It sounds like a great time and relaxing. Here are some virtual lIndt's chocolates.

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