Monday, November 29, 2010

Gimme Yo Feedback!

What up, peeps?

So my one year blogiversary (or however it's spelled. I secretly hate that word.) is in January and I'm considering doing a giveaway or two for all of you awesome readers! Here's the best part: it would be the easiest giveaway in the world. None of this, "Blog about it, tweet about it, sing a song, slap your knees, and turn your body into a human pretzel" crap. I hate that.

What I want to know from you is, what kind of item or items would you most like to win in a giveaway? And let's be realistic, ok? I won't be shipping out a Rolex or Mercedes. What kind of giveaways get you excited? What kind make you think, "Who the heck wants that crap?" What would make you squeal if you won?

I have some possibilities, but want more, so give me some idears!

Oh yea, please?

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Registered & Protected


denise said...

hmm, I have never done a giveaway - but a book is easy to ship. Your favorite movie? Something you made (but I am thinking you mentioned you weren't crafty)? Good luck!

Tracy said...

Something off etsy?
A cute picture frame?

Also? I hate the word blogoversary or whatever.

JoJo said...

What do you mean no Mercedes?!

Psh you whore!

Day 2 Day Living said...

No Mercedes! What kind of giveaway are you trying to do here?
Things that make me squeal...anything that is just for ME! Spa type stuff...make me feel good stuff...relaxation stuff!

Adriane said...

Oooh! A giveaway! AND one that won't require me to follow you on Twitter and queef the entire chorus to Jingle Bells? That sounds fun! :-)

As far as what to give away, I have no fun suggestions. I do like the Etsy suggestion someone else mentioned. Maybe a funky piece of jewelry?

Pam said...

I like the book idea. Also, everybody at work is going ape shit over the reusable acrylic water cups with straw. They sell them Starbucks and on Amazon. I think you can buy them at Bed Bath and Beyond too.

Word Verfication Word: Predship.
I love that word.

Anonymous said...

A "do nothing giveaway"? I've GOT to win this one. I NEVER win anything, so ANYTHING would be a treat and would make me squeal!!!

Helene said...

How about an entire day of free babysitting?? Too extravagant? Too unrealistic??

Okay, then how about a cheap bottle of wine. I'd be happy with that. Perfectly happy and content.

Pennie said...

I was hoping for a car. Shoot!

A gift card is always great! Books are neat, too! How about your Photo Art thingy...there you go! BTW - I do that!!! Isn't that a coinkydink? I just started this summer...on our trip to Glacier...I went more of the nature route than architecture, but I have some of that thrown in, too - lamp posts and such. Good luck!!!! It's more difficult than you think, though...I don't have ALL the letters, yet...but lots of i's and t's and o's...

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