Monday, August 8, 2011

1 down, 7 to go!

Terms, that is! Last week was a crazy busy week for school- I had an exam, three quizzes, a skills competency, two projects, three comprehensive final exams, and a final skills competency- but it's all over and I am FREE until September 6th, when I start my second term.

In pathophysiology, I got a 99/100 on my final, a 96 for the term.

In foundations of nursing, I earned a 97.5/100 on the final, a 95 for the term.

In principles of intervention, I received an 83/100 on the final, which was a pleasant surprise considering we all had less than nice things to say about the exam and my professor. On my comps, I received 87/90 points for the term, and my overall grade for the course was an 88.

Two A's and a B+! I'm thrilled & hopeful that the seven remaining terms go just as well.

Between now and next August, I have two 7-week terms this fall (followed by 3 weeks off for Christmas), two 7-week terms in the spring (with a week-long spring break), a May term, and two 5-week summer sessions. I'm finished with school August 3rd and graduate August 11. So in 368 days, I will be graduating from nursing school and officially two bachelor's degrees under my belt!

Things planned for my month off include: enjoying the (hot!) weather by my pool, going out with nursing school friends (have I mentioned how much I LOVE my cohort?), dinner dates with a couple old friends, babysitting a little bit, and (hopefully) catch up on the ole' blog.

Have a great week! Registered & Protected


Jess said...


I'm so proud of you! I knew you'd ROCK!

Sassy Amie said...

You are kicking Nursing School's butt! Congrats on your grades!

R @ TravelistaRN said...

Yay! Congratulations! Hope you enjoy your much deserved break!

I am hoping I can do half as well as you did. I am starting my (8 chapter and 2 module!) summer reading now and it's a little intimidating and overwhelming. One day at a time, right?

Big Fat Gini said...

Whoo-hoo! I had no doubt you'd rock nursing school!

Zazzy Episodes said...

You ROCK Marianne! Woo hoo, that does sound like a lot, but how overjoyed you will be next year this time! I'm rooting for you, keep up the good work and enjoy your time off.

Heather said...

Congrats on finishing your first term!! That seems like it went by so fast, I remember when you were just talking about starting.
Enjoy your mini-break! And good luck with your second term :)

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