Tuesday, December 14, 2010



His hotness makes me swoon. See how yummy he is?

Don't mind if I do.

Life is starting to look up. ::Sigh::

That is all. I have my final final on Thursday; after that, I hope to be back in full force with lamer posts than before. Try to contain your excitement.

Oh yea, enter my giveaway. Or don't. Whatever floats your boat.

PS, George Clooney, how's about's you put yourself back on the market, too, k?

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Yankee Girl said...

He is way too hot for words.

Jess said...

I've never liked Scarlett Johannson. Ever.

Ryan is delicious.

George is mine. Just sayin'

denise said...

Ryan is cute, but I dont like blonde's so much...but I'll fight you for George, I have had a crush (well, not a real one of course) on him for ~10 years...way before he was the hunk he is now. And, also you were like 13 then...so you can have Ryan if I can have George. ;)

Gucci Mama said...

Ryan is clearly pining for you. I'm sure that was the main cause of the divorce.

George Clooney is foul. Sorry. It had to be said.

Pam said...

He's off the market again. He's between my sheets.

passionofthemom said...

LMAO Hubs was just mentioning this to me earlier tonight, and I have to say it...even though we just finished celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary this past week, there was a part of me that went WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! when he told me they were splitting. xD He is SERIOUSLY hot. And I wasn't aware that George Clooney was taken!! I thought he was one of those terminal bachelors....veird. LOL Lemme know how it goes with the Ryan Quest!! ;)

Marianne@Songbird said...

Hmmm to bad I am off the market myself LOL
Love your name too!

Big Fat Gini said...

You're too young to remember this, but I had a crush on him when he was on Fifteen on Nickelodeon. Yeah.


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