Friday, December 3, 2010

Giveaway Reminder.

Just wanted to remind/tell you all about the giveaway. Because maybe you're like me and have to pick and choose which blogs you're going to read some days and which ones you can't fit in, and didn't get a chance to read my post on Monday because it didn't scream "FREE GOODS!" It's OK, I'm not hurt. Tis reality.

No other news to report. Well, actually, that's probably a lie. I'm sure I could find something to write about, and I do plan on doing a tour of my home, while it's decorated for Christmas, but that involves using my brain, which I've done too much of this semester and, quite frankly, my brain hurts. But it's ALMOST OVER!!! Two more weeks until sweet, sweet freedom! Hopefully that means I'll get back to writing more and use that as therapy instead of food. Womp womp to weight gain.

Oh, ps, I'm still doing C25k and have done it at least three times a week every week since I started. So what if I did week 2 three (or was it four?) times and so what if I've been doing it for, um, 7 weeks? Eight weeks? And am only on week 3. I've been running three days a week for 7 (8?) weeks and that's all that matters.

Anyhow, click HERE if you want to read about and enter my first-ever giveaway! It ends December 18th!

Oh, and I'd rather be here:

*Photo taken by me, Maui 2009*

Tah tah for now, have a wonderful weekend! Registered & Protected


Anonymous said...

I'm going to enter... I just have to come up with a good embarassing story... there are SO MANY to choose from.

Pam said...

I really need for calgon to take me to that place in the picture. Can't wait for the tour pictures.


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