Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, New Goals

It's hard to believe that 2011 is over already. The year went so fast and seems like a bit of a blur. Of course, the biggest event that happened to me in 2011 was getting accepted to and starting nursing school. Actually, that's really the only noteworthy thing that happened in 2011 haha. Here's to hoping 2012 is a little bit more memorable!

Goals for 2012:

  • Graduate nursing school
  • Pass NCLEX on the first try and become an RN
  • Get a job, preferably in peds
  • Start paying off my student loans
  • Take a trip with some friends (sometime after October, ideally for NYE)
  • Get healthy. This is something I'm sick of saying I'll do but fail at. I need to lose a good amount of weight so I am better physically and mentally.
  • Get myself out into the dating world. Although I say that and at the same time, I don't want a reason to stay in Indy any longer than I have to haha.
  • Start saving money for my future.
  • Not have a quarter life crisis. I am reallllllly struggling with the fact that I turn 25 in less than 5 months.
I graduate in August and plan to take an NCLEX prep class right after, with the hopes of being ready for NCLEX by the end of September. My original plan was to move back to my parents' house in August and stay for a few months, until I get on my feet, then move out after the first of the year. After some thinking though, I now plan on staying at my parents' until the end of 2013. My plan since before I got into school was to work for a year and then work as a travel nurse for a year, so at the start of 2014 I'd like to start my first stint in a new city. While I am more than eager to be out on my own sooner rather than later, living at home for the year that I plan on working in Indy will allow me to save a lot of money and pay off some of my debts. Plus, it doesn't make sense to move home in August, move out in January, then move my stuff again a year later. And then move it again a year after that. Travel nurses work with an agency to get signed on for a 13-week contract in a city the nurse chooses. Ideally, I'd do contracts in Hawaii, NYC, and LA, but that's two years away, so who knows what will happen. But that's today's plan, which I'm sure God is up there hearing and laughing at.

So that's what I hope happens in the next 362 days, which seems pretty realistic to me. What are some of your hopes and goals for the new year?

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Jess said...

These are all excellent goals.... especially the 5th one :)

Zazzy Episodes said...

Bravo your goals sound exciting and delightful. I can't wait to see how they play out. Travel nursing sounds intense, exciting, and scary all in one. Best wishes to you on that decision.

One of my goals for 2012 is to make a decision to either stay living in Wisconsin or move to Texas after I graduate. Something tells me, I'll be persuaded to move.

Katherine said...

Great goals! I remember how much I freaked over turning 25. I still consider it one of the big ones. And I changed so much that year. I'm looking at 33 in March. It's a little depressing. :( What's worse is that I remember that "turning 25" feeling like it was yesterday.

Anonymous said...

You have some great goals and I know you can do it!!! My hubs always wanted to do something with the traveling medical team. As you get older (we are MUCH older than you 40) and life goes on the thoughts become less now. Go for it all while you can.

denise said...

my quarter life crisis is going on 8 years! Your goals sound very attainable. good luck!!

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