Monday, September 19, 2011

Remember 2 months ago

when I said I'd post updated pics of my apartment? Well, I've finally gotten around to it. Poor blog has had to take the back seat in an 18 passenger van during this current phase of my life. Anyway, I still like my apartment and living alone, but I look forward to the day that I can fully decorate a place that I won't have to pack up in a year. A place where I can make a house a home... and have the funds to decorate it how I really want it to look. But, for the next 10ish months, this place will do just fine.


Dining area looking into kitchen (I changed the flowers on the table, added that little red table, and hung the posters.)

Another view of the dining area (added place mats, the black table in the corner, and changed the poster).

Cute little kitchen

Changed the wall behind the couch- the prints are orchids

The other side of the living area (I added the M and clock). Also, behind the door in the right corner is my washer and dryer aka best part about my place.

The boudoir (I added the headboard and moved the prints from another wall to behind the bed). The bedding color photographs horribly, but it's an iridescent-ish light blue with chocolate brown.

And finally my front entrance (my door is to the left, the welcome mat won't fit under the screen door). My landlady showed up with this little bistro set one afternoon and I love it. Obviously it stays when I go, but it's still nice to have for now!

The only thing that really drives me up a wall is the posters not being in frames, but even plastic poster frames are stupid expensive. But, like I said, I like it and it serves its purpose for now. Registered & Protected


Big Fat Gini said...

Super cute! I really love how you've made the place your own (and the red in the kitchen, especially).

Hope you're doing well, friend!

Katherine said...

Don't feel bad. My blog is living in the backseat.

What a cute place and you've done wonders with it!

Krista @ Not Mommy of the Year said...

Beautiful! Are you accepting roommates?

Zazzy Episodes said...

I love love love what you've done with your home. Remember that your house can look any which way on the outside but your personality and warmth make it a "home" on the inside. Doesn't matter what furniture or wall decor you have on the walls, it's what you make of it. Enjoy your next 10-ish months there. You'll never forget where you were living on your own during nursing school!

Jess said...

Love it!!!!!!!

Can you please move down here when you graduate, so we can be roomies?

Adriane said...

It looks great! I love being a voyeur and seeing inside people's homes. ;-)

Hope things are going well at school!

Murdock's mama said...

Your place looks great...very homey! :)

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